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Left 4 sprite and a new project

2009-03-04 11:29:02 by pirate64

well I'm just waiting for all the sprites to be finshed so that I can start LEFT 4 SPRITE but before that I may have something else coming out probaly before so keep checking

left 4 sprite

2009-02-11 11:28:24 by pirate64

well I'am starting on my first project to be put on newgrounds as I wanted my first on newgrounds to do ok e.g. 2.75 to 3.00 would be gr8.

so this is it left 4 sprite I'm going to be working on it every bit of time I can as I can only use flash at school until I get it at home so I have to work in lunch times and as it's half term tomorow it will take awhile.

I couldn't find many good left 4 dead sprites so I have to work with want I'v got and the rest make on flash but I hope the humor will make up for the lack of sprites= not gr8 animation of the sprites but still.

left 4 sprite


2009-01-29 12:01:30 by pirate64

I'v started making sprite movies as when I felt like trying to make one for the first time it came out not to bad so I'm going to be making alot of them now.

I still don't have anything on newgrounds as well I want my first on the site to be good so it gets past jugement and has a score of about 2.75 anything higher than 3.00 will be great.

so I will be submiting soon


well I.....

2009-01-12 11:46:52 by pirate64

well I binned my storyboard and all that and went for something diffrent at this will be good I ant my first flash on newgrounds to be a good one so I will be working pretty hard on it

new year promiss

2008-12-24 10:48:28 by pirate64

I will in 09 submit a flash.

story board done(badly)
script done(badly)
animation not done.

no but by the time it's done it should hopefuly be good so it will get past jugment.

so yep 09

well me and my mate

2008-12-10 13:23:15 by pirate64

have both just started flash so we are now just going to see who can make the bast one in a few days he is better at things like motion than me but not by much and I have one great advantage....I know action script..... just small things like make a button to click to start the flash and to make it stop at the end and have a replay button haha and he don't know how to so I will kick his ass woop!!

I jst learn how to do flash!!

2008-12-06 19:13:49 by pirate64

A mate at school just showed me the basics like how to use the movment and all that (I'v never really wanted to make flashs I'm more claymation and music) but hay maybe I'll get ok then submit one but I won't til their ok as I hate people who know it's crap and still put it on and I'm not becoming one of them no way.

p.s. oh my song making will probaly happed when I can be assed but I do need to find a way to record the sound into mp3 so it's easy to just submit if you know how then plz help me out.

well I'll give it a go....

2008-11-14 15:53:38 by pirate64

I am a drummer and I was just thinking today that maybe I should record me doing stuff on the drums and put them on the audio portal.

I think I will I just have to make some cool stuff to play so off to the drum kit I go.

oh me and a mate are starting a band (just the two of us maybe more if we find anyone) but we are doing covers to start with so we will make a newground account

I just got it..

2008-11-14 14:27:02 by pirate64

I just got unreal troneyment 3 on the pc whoop time to go kill fellow noobs!!!!!!!!!!


2008-10-15 13:58:42 by pirate64

well I'm going to start putting my claymations on the web but first I'm getting some new stuff to help make it better.

The will be just ones about something diffrent every time and the will also be shorts epi's with lot's of short ones.

but I'm not sure if I can get them on newgrounds but I will try getting converters and stuff so fingers crossed they will be come on newgrounds.

well byes!!!