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flash done next one up....

2009-05-18 12:25:18 by pirate64

well the flash titled "metal core" is now finshed this was my first sprite animation and first time using sound fx but don't think it's crap. It may not be the greatest thing seen on newgrounds but it's not bad. so anyway thats done and will be relested on the 29th. so on to my next project.......I have an idea, I have the sprites done, it have the sounds collected, all thats left is..well the animating and this will be my first time doing voice overs so I have some people I know willing to do some. may need help for some people on NG but if I do then it will be posted on the flash fourms.

well til the next flash is percent done see ya!!

p.s. oh when metal core comes out watch it if you can. I'm not going to ask you to vote 5 just what you think is fair if you give it a 1-2 then oh well.


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