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2009-11-22 15:51:33 by pirate64

I'v got a few flashs on the way( I'v said that before but this time I may finish them before I get board of making them) and also I have started uploading to the art portal as well. oh Scout my pic's please!!


2009-09-07 12:56:42 by pirate64

ok it's not for over a month but I'm kinda slow with animating (not helped but me only having flash at school) so I'v made a start now. this will have voice acting as well which will take me time as it's my first time doing voice acting in a flash.

well hopefully you will see my flash in the portal at halloween but more info to come

I made a picture!!!!!!

2009-07-26 16:01:24 by pirate64

well ok a glorified doodle. check out if you want.

ok flash news.............not much it's summer and I don't own flash at home yet soooooooo can't get to work on my new project till I'm back at school.

well this post is short.................................

got something cooking..

2009-07-07 14:46:38 by pirate64

I'v got a new flash being started but will take a while as it's got alot of things I have not try before so will probably not be done till maybe late october. Thats not saying I won't bring out some other stuff but this will be my main project.

I also have been making lots of random shorts so if I make a few more then I will pick the best and maybe put them in a colab of my short flashs.

below is a early idea for the flash. (the pic doesn't really tell you anything)

got something cooking..

a few coming out.....

2009-06-19 11:14:01 by pirate64

welI have a few flash that will be coming out not sure when they just will when they are done.

trying to improve my animating by not only doing sprite flashes but drawn ones as well.


2009-05-29 08:05:15 by pirate64

well today marks my first year on newgrounds and the day my first submited flash on newgrounds.

and It got past jugment kl It's score is around wot I guessed it would have gotton so that gd.

any way my next flash will be better in the sense it's going to have a story line. I'v started on it a little but on the menu no animating yet.

flash done next one up....

2009-05-18 12:25:18 by pirate64

well the flash titled "metal core" is now finshed this was my first sprite animation and first time using sound fx but don't think it's crap. It may not be the greatest thing seen on newgrounds but it's not bad. so anyway thats done and will be relested on the 29th. so on to my next project.......I have an idea, I have the sprites done, it have the sounds collected, all thats left is..well the animating and this will be my first time doing voice overs so I have some people I know willing to do some. may need help for some people on NG but if I do then it will be posted on the flash fourms.

well til the next flash is percent done see ya!!

p.s. oh when metal core comes out watch it if you can. I'm not going to ask you to vote 5 just what you think is fair if you give it a 1-2 then oh well.

the 29th

2009-05-12 16:52:28 by pirate64

well the flash I'v been working on for about 3-4months is near done it should be finshed tomorrow were I'm just putting in the last sound fx as it's taken some time to do that as it's my first time puting in sound fx.

It will be done by tomorrow but will not be uploaded til the 29th as that will be the day when I would have been a member of newgrounds for one year so I think it will be cool to submit it then.

hope you like it when I't comes out.

as I should be finshed tomorrow I'm going to be getting to work on my next one before this one is even submited

upcoming flash...

2009-04-08 06:58:08 by pirate64

A flash I'v been working on for around 8 weeks(man I need to get flash at home) is nearly done. The animating is nearly done and it just needs the sounds. this is worrying as I'v never had some many sound in a flash before so that may take me a while.

The way it's looking it will probaly turn into a 3-4 part series.


2009-04-03 11:21:39 by pirate64

the flash I'v been working on for my school project is nearly done and no it's not one that I has to be about a theme that was picked by some people who can't even animate in OCR.

no got to pick whatever I want so thats wot I did will have it on here in ohh two weeks after the easter holydays as I don't own flash yet and have to use it at school.